Our Story - Choubao

Our Story

Big Bite, Big Happiness. 

“Choubao”,in Chinese, is used by friends, couples and grandparents to address each other, representing trust, kindness and love. River snail rice noodle, smelly but favored, is such Choubao on dining-table. Choubao was established in 2021. More people will love this Oriental food through eating river snail rice noodle which is fun, interesting and creative. Meanwhile, Choubao is committing to convey the life concept of “relaxing when eating noodles”,  and desires to bring people positive energy in their life.

The positive energy of Choubao is hidden in our lives. When we encounter troubles, experience up and down, and are questioned by others, Choubao will show up immediately, help us to fight against the inner negative side through eating river snail rice noodle and send the happy energy to us.

Speaking of the history of river snail rice noodle, it is a traditional Chinese snack, orignated in Liuzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, it is loved by many people for its spicy, sour and tasty flavor. Twenty thousand years ago, Liujiang people, lived in Bailian cave, began to catch river snail to eat, and pickled bamboo shoot was the most favorable food in Guangxi. In 1980s, boiled river snail was a kind of food in Liuzhou night fair. It only cost three cents a bowl, and people could taste a river snail soup for free. Some guests would take the soup back home and put rice into the soup when eating. Once a time, someone put into the soup noodles and many kinds of side dishes, and found it was very delicious. It was damp and hot in Liuzhou, so people would lost appetite easily. Since river snail rice noodle is such an appetizing food, easily made and cheap, it becomes popular in Liuzhou. It is listed as China's national intangible cultural heritage in 2020.

Our story is just beginning.



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